2 People, 2,000 miles, 1 Heart, 1 Love

Love stories, happily ever afters, this is what little girls grow up on, but what does that really mean? Is it meeting your person, your one true love in high-school, college, early 20’s, 30’s???? After all the beautiful couples I’ve had the pleasure of photographing over the years, I can tell you that love has it’s own timeline, and there is no rushing it, there is no forcing it, there is only listening to your heart….as the band Heart so elegantly sung.

Sherita and Rich trusted in God, and his plan, and found each other via the wonder of technology and their mutual love of their loving Father. Facebook is getting a bad wrap right now, but let’s remember, without dark, there can be no light, without evil there can be no good and without Facebook these 2 wonderful souls may have never met. Facebook connects people worlds away, creating a connection and relationship between cultures, diverse histories and so much more. They followed their higher power and found their person in each other on a spiritual Facebook Group not long ago. The made the 2000 miles of distance, seem like only a jaunt, and now in less than 3 months they will be bonded for life.

Sherita, a photographer herself, is incredibly excited to be united with her fiance in Dallas in the next few months, and I feel so privileged to have been picked as her photographer. If you know anything about this craft, you know that it is difficult for a photographer to relinquish control of capturing those special moments, especially on their wedding day. To be chosen by a fellow artist means so much to me, and I can’t wait to be apart of their continuing story in June.

So many people think life needs to be on a timeline, needs to be on a certain path, but we each find our own path and the best way to find it and fulfill our dreams, is to release a little bit of control to your higher power, whomever that might be. I am so pleased that Sherita and Rich found each other in this crazy world of ours. May their lives be filled with more hope, joy, and laughter than they could ever imagine.



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