How to Beat the Heat on your Wedding Day!

First, lets start with planning your wedding. If you are planning a wedding in the months of June-September hear are some tips to help with heat issues before a heat advisory is even issued:
      *Choose a ceremony time either before noon or after 6:30 in the evening. Although it may still be hot at least the sun will be lower in the sky, which makes  all the difference in the world.
      *Chose a venue that is near the ocean or large lake.
      *Chose a venue that will allow you to have the wedding indoors if need be.
Second, what if none of the above are available options for your budget or in the realm of possibilities for your specific needs? No need to worry I have a few options that you can put together in relatively little time.
      *The least expensive option, as long as your venue allows it is spraying down the concrete, stone or brick areas with a hose.
      *Another option that could go hand in hand with the above, is providing old fashion hand fans or turning your program into a  fan, check out this link on pinterest for how to DIY:
*One of my favorite options is providing mini spray bottles, available at any retail outlet, with water and  herbs inside. The best herbs to use are rosemary, lavender or sage, but you can be creative. I found this great idea along with many others at Evermine Weddings.

Beat the heat with a spray bottle.

*Another fairly inexpensive idea, that will only cost you a little labor and about $100, are DIY outdoor cooling system linked to a simple house. You can get 60 feet of tubing for $100 on Amazon.

*And last but not least you can order a large tent to cover both the ceremony and the reception. There is a more expensive option, but it can be very elegant. I found a rental company that offers many different options for rental. They service Norther California. They are called Special Events Rents, they are a good place to get ideas from at the very least.
Well that’s it for this week. I hope you found the information useful! Stay tuned for more useful tips and tidbits for your special day, or your special event or your photography session. Stay cool everyone!



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