Wonderful Day at Body Wellness Massage!

As I walked in, I was met by a plethora of lovely scents and the beautiful smiling face of Jen Cobun, the massage therapist, and owner of Body Wellness Massage. I walked in further and noticed a table full of all sorts of goodies, from aromatherapy candles to lotions and balms, that stars themselves rave about. I couldn’t help but hurry over to the table and start trying all the different samples. My favorite was Bee Lovely Balm and Wild Rose Beauty Balm. I just loved the multi-use both of these products. If you are a bride to be, or just want to pamper yourself, I would definitely recommend these products. I will definitely be ordering a few of these amazing items from Jen. I fell in love with Neal Yard Remedies products, even more, when I found out that they are an advocate for bee survival and give part of their proceeds to charities that are all about saving the bees. Many are so afraid of these furry little creatures, but they are incredibly vital to our farming industry. Bee’s are a great example of how “all things work together for good”.


As an added bonus, I received a much-needed chair massage by Jen; after only 5 minutes in the chair, my injured back felt exponentially better. I felt, relaxed and rejuvenated.  It was a positively lovely day, and I can’t wait to try Jen’s hot rock massage, which would be a first for me!  Someday soon, I will be treating myself to facials and massages at least once a month, such a healthy way to spend on yourself. 



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