Fire House Wedding for a Classic Bride

A classic red-headed beauty garnered in an elegant white satin dress arrived at one of the most unique venues I have ever had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at, the Fire House at Fort Mason. It sits comfortably just a few feet away from the bay and across the water from none other than the infamous Alcatraz. I couldn’t help but think of all the little jokes one hears over the years comparing marriage to a prison…but not for this couple. Todd and Emily met online, as so many do in this fast-paced world of ours, where sitting down to dinner is a luxury few enjoy.

Being of the generation that forges their own path and traditions they decided to celebrate their matrimony in a retro firehouse, in the industrial chic location of Fort Mason. Their guests enjoyed a beautiful day with the bay gently hitting the pier behind the bride and groom as they said their I Do’s. The red and white stone of the buildings created a stunningly unique backdrop for the couples formals. Their session reminded me of a photoshoot taken straight out of the 40’s, classic, timeless and treasured forever.

The music was a mix of classic instrumental and classic rock from 60’s, 70’s and 90’s…no 80’s hairband to be found on this special day! The guests partied from the youngest little girl to seniors who were transported back in time to their heyday. Disappearing for a few moments, the bride stripped out of her classic dress and rocked a short two-toned dress to dance the night away in.


For all those brides out there: If you want to enjoy your wedding, seriously consider a 2nd dress to dance in. One of the biggest complaints I hear from brides is their lack of mobility. Enjoy a solid 4-5 hours in your expensive dress and then make the switch and party…this is your day, enjoy it before the day blurs into the night and fades into a distant memory. Todd and Emily are an amazingly strong and unique couple and I am forever grateful to have had the pleasure of photographing their one of a kind wedding. Congrats to the bride and groom!



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