Northern California Intimate Weddings: Audrina and Mike

Northern California is absolutely one of the most beautiful and unique places to get married. Your choices are endless even without Venues! From a private secluded beach to an enchanting forest to a beautiful rustic farm in the central valley, there is no shortage of absolutely gorgeous locations for Northern California Intimate Weddings!Northern California Intimate weddings

Their Why!

Audrina and Mike, and a grand wedding party planned in May with all of the bells whistles, and of course the guests…then COVID hit!

So what to do when tragedy strikes and the whole world feels like it stops, or in this case did?

Love is love, and when you know it is the right person, who wants to wait to make it official? Audrina and Mike made the same decisions as so many couples throughout the world have done. Their long time friends own a property up in Mendicino County. Their home, and site of Audrina and Mikes nuptials, was saved during the 2017  fires because of their courageous effort to protect their home and land! Almost 3 years later and it is hard to tell that the fire even touched it!

I love the stories that are shared during momentous occasions such as this!

Their Day!

The guests were all caravaned from the town up the mountain road and into their own private valley. As the dirt blew around my car, I thought how incredible to have such an enchanting place to say “I do” to the love of one’s life! Just another one of the many reasons that I love Northern California intimate weddings!

When I pulled up the ceremony site was set up so that each house could sit 6 feet about, enjoying the union of Audrina and Mike in a safe manner. Audrina and Mike were so careful about making sure that everyone felt safe and comfortable during the intimate wedding celebration.

After the ceremony, we gathered, with masks, for family photos, which took all of 15 minutes! As the guests made their way to the cabin for appetizers and bubbly, Audrina, Mike and I took our time creating incredible memories for them to cherish forever!

It was one of the lowest stress and fun weddings I have ever been to! I am definitely a huge fan of Micro Weddings!! With few people waiting on you, the pressure is off and couples can really enjoy their day!

Enjoy a little peek at their final gallery below!

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