Bay Area Personal Portrait Session (Women’s Empowerment)


Celebrating all the feminity of women is one of the aspects of photography that I am most passionate about! In today’s world, there is a movement to try and make women just like men, equal/same in every single way. I don’t know about you, but I like our differences. What I love the most is that women have so much more power than we could ever imagine!! The greatest stories of our human race is about women being the downfall of a great king or empowered…am I right, lol. The saying “Behind every great Man is a great Woman” isn’t just words it is a reality!

Although I am so very thankful for all the women who came before to give us the right to vote, serve, and have the opportunities to be the breadwinner… I am now thankful for all the differences in us that make us who we are and help bring a balance to the world as a whole. Embracing our feminine side is what a Personal Portrait Session is all about!

Every single woman is beautiful, something that is a struggle for many of us to except. Even Taylor Swift, whom I believe to be one of the most beautiful celebrities, struggles with it. In fact, most celebrities struggle with some form of self-confidence issues. We put them on a pedestal, thinking that they are somehow better than us. Most would be the first to say that, that’s crazy! They are just like you and I, they just went after their dream every single day without fail.

CelebratePersonal Portrait Session

Every single person has their own dreams, whether it’s to be a mom, to be an entrepreneur, a corporate bulldog, a philanthropist, etc.. No matter what your dreams are, celebrating just you and what you are succeeding at, or struggling with at this very moment is what our Personal Portrait sessions are all about!!


May, a soon to be bride, and hard-working woman, decided to celebrate herself with a personal portrait session a.k.a. an empowerment session. She decided to bring a few of her own dresses that she looked absolutely amazing in!! Although I do offer a collection of gowns to choose from, I do always recommend bringing at least one of your own, that showcases your own personality. Due to the smoke, we chose the Martinez Marina for the location, it ended up being absolutely perfect!! The gown, combined with the scenery looked whimsical and it was a perfect backdrop to tell May’s story! This year has been so full of ups and downs, so photographing these sessions are such a high for me! From Italy to the California coast, even with this year’s craziness, I have been able to celebrate women on 2 different continents! A dream I wouldn’t have though possible a couple of years ago. I can’t wait to do more of it next year!

Personal Portrait Session


I am on a fitness journey and part of an 8-week sculpting challenge. My goal is to enlist schedule my own photoshoot to celebrate my accomplishments once the challenge is over! I can’t wait to show everyone that I absolutely practice what I preach:)

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