France Elopement Time


Once upon a dream…in France!

Just picture yourself enjoying the warm sun on your slightly sun-kissed face as you walk down the aisle to the love of your life! Really…close your eyes, take in the moment. You’re at a lovely chateau that has old ivy running up the walls.  You can just feel the glamour and luxury surrounding you. Surrounded by a few of your closest family members and friends you glide towards your soon to be husband in a dream like state. This must be a dream…this can’t be real! Yet everything around you seems vivid, colorful and so full of life!

An Elopement in France is an Absolute Possibility!

You would be amazing at how many amazing chateaus are in the French countryside. Often they only charge a few hundred dollars an hour. Heck even if they charged $1,000, it would be well worth the cost! A sweet elopement 4-5 hours long in a castle that has been around for hundreds of years…that sounds like my kind of wedding. Every bride dreams of ways to make their wedding unique. With the popularity of intimate weddings on the rise, why not take all the money you have been saving for a large wedding and create a unique experience.  Have everyone dress to the nine, dance to 16th century Parisian classics or rock on to modern pop. Turn it into a Disney inspired princess event or a modern twist on the renaissance.

Whether it’s a France elopement or Hawaiian beach wedding, after all the time we have been stuck at home, let’s take flight and enjoy some time off this continent and a wedding is absolutely my favorite occasion to travel for! Of course destination elopements aren’t for everyone, but trust me, if it’s even a though in your mind, take a little bit of time and ask….”How might I make this possible?”

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