Southern California Wedding “Lauren & Robert”

Once upon a time...

In a secluded garden nestled in the rolling hills, a picturesque Southern California wedding was about to begin. The groom waited beaming with anticipation as his bride immerged from an exquisite¬† dome of twinkle lights escorted by her beloved mother. Her dress glittered in the afternoon light as she glided down the aisle, all eyes on her. They’ve waited years for this moment. Overcoming separation due to deployment, government shut-downs, not to mention the massive task of planning a wedding in the midst of an chaotic world. She held his loving eyes, realizing that it was finally happening. Their long awaited wedding day!

Their first look, though sweet and romantic, took nothing away from the walk down the aisle. Tears lingered in both of their eyes as they grasped each others hands in front of their family and friends. The vows showcased their love for each other in such an intimate and personal way, leaving their guests hanging on every word. As the sun began to set, they finalized their love with the exchanging of rings, the blending of sand and an epic romantic kiss. Their Southern California wedding ceremony went above their expectations, as the golden set lit their faces for the first time as husband and wife.


Tearful Moments.

Although unseasonably cold, there was no lack of warmth between loved ones. They joked and laughed as they stayed in good humor throughout the formal portraits. As the light waned and their guests sat down in the cozy tent, the bride and groom snuggle for one last romantic kiss in their light filled tunnel of love. Eager to join their guests they gathered close together as they waited to be introduced as man and wife…and to get the party started.

Their dear friend sang as they twirled each other around the dance floor, smiling into each others eyes letting the whole world melt away. A fairytale is the only way to describe Robert and Lauren first dance. As their father and mother each took turns, their was no lack of misty eyes. They laughed and cried, leaving hardly a dry eye as dinner service begun.

Dinner, though one of the most anticipated parts, takes a back seat to epic emotional toasts. There was no shortage of laugh out loud moments, followed by choking tears in 20 minutes of toasts and clinking of glasses. How does one even put a value on moments like these? Every single word of every single toast held the attention of the entire room!


Let the Party Start!

Let’s be honest this everyone’s favorite part!!! The DJ kicked off the party with special dance just for the bride and her ladies. But everyone knows the party really starts when they grab their fellas. They were not disappointed, as even Robert didn’t hesitate to join his wife on the dance floor to celebrate the night they have waited for so long for. From the cupid shuffle to the limbo, gen z rocked the dance floor for hours only stopping for a jaw dropping toss and an unexpected catch by an unsuspecting couple. They cut their cake and spun around the dance floor a few more times before one last dance. As the DJ, played the final song, tears of joy and love gently rolled down Lauren’s cheeks. She found her love and together they will live happily ever after, cherishing their wedding gallery for years to come.

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