Back to School Photos for Bay Area Kids

Ok It’s Back to School Time for Bay Area Kids, and that means back to school portraits!

Ok before you make that audible grown, I promise it doesn’t have to be that bad. Yes, the photographers that come out are often without experience and getting paid minimum, however they’re ways to work around. Plus many of those folks, are like me and just trying to learn and break into the industry, it’s how I got my start, and how I got so good and being quick with posing:) As I know you have a million things you need to do, let’s get right to the juice details!!


1) Allow them to pick the outfit:

I know that might sound crazy, because let’s be honest, kids have some interesting taste in clothes… I know I did. So why, you might ask? Because if a kids likes the clothes they are willing they are more likely to smile and actually enjoy themselves. Besides if they wear something embarrassing, it’s just something you can laugh about when they’ve grown. I love looking back at my old photos.








2) Avoid a hair cut right before:

This is a big one, hair sometimes looks odd right after a cut, especially if there is a little mishap, lol. Of course if they do what I did and take scissors to their bangs…then just go with the flow and it will be a fun antidote for them later on in life. Time to do a little show and tell here. Don’t judge lol.









3) Get plenty of sleep the night before

Cranky kids and teens, will not be in a good mood to take photos. Whether they like it or not make sure they get at least 9 hours of sleep the night before school portraits. It’s so important to do this everyday, but even more so if they have to be in front of the camera. This is actually advise followed by professionals making millions, so they probably know what they’re talking about.


4) Ask about touch-ups

Touches are often included or offered as an add on to school portrait packages. This will help kids feel better about taking photos if they have a zit or cut or some other blemish that is knocking down their level of self-confidence. Plus remember, you don’t HAVE to buy them, you can always purchase a school portrait as an add on to your fall family session.


5) Don’t feel pressured to purchase them at all!

Yes these go to the school yearbook, but let’s be honest there is no need to waste $100 on 1 or 2 photos that you don’t even like. When I do family portraits in the fall, I always individual portraits of everyone and you can get 2 5×7 portraits, that YOU CHOOSE and YOU LOVE for about the same price as a school portrait package. It’s better to spend a little more money and get the photos and artwork of your child that you love, then spend less and hate the photos.


Fall photos have already started believe it or not, these year I’m doing something super special called Book a Session, Save a Life. Make sure and check out all the details! We have packages starting as low as $295 for those looking for the same great full service experience but just want a few AMAZING curated prints:)




Have an amazing school year!!





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