A Love Story, 34 years in the Making…

As Lisa, walked down the aisle, gazing at the man of her dreams, she couldn’t be happier. This perfect moment has been almost 35 years in the making. They were high school sweethearts, a connection that has spanned the last few decades. As often happens with young love, life and it’s many roads and obstacles separated them in their early 20’s, it was a mutual decision, and one so many don’t have the courage to make at such a young age.
She went out and lived a life full of excitement, including becoming an Oakland Raider Cheerleader and working for a successful law firm. He went on to serve his country, local community and start a family, not to mention an Elvis inspired successful band. Although time and distance separated them, they never forgot each other, and their love for each other never faded. It had settled in the back of their minds, as they built separate lives, each pursuing their own path.
In 2015 though, their paths would cross again via Facebook. Everything fell into place, from a phone date to a dinner date, to their wedding date! It was finally their time….time to love, laugh and share a life and family together. The wedding was perfect, over 30 years in the making. The bride looked like a princess and the groom the king of rock and roll, it is a love story for the ages. From the exquisite cake to the timeless opera house, this celebration was sweet genuine and timeless! Old friends and family gathered together to share in the joy of this happy ending, or happy beginning I should say.
This truly is a real-life fairy tale and one that will give hope to men, women, and couples everywhere. One never knows when love will find it’s way into your life. Even if it seems it has “failed” time and time again, it isn’t failure, it’s often the path one just needs to find true love in their life, in whatever form that may come. It was such a pleasure capturing the special moments of this day, there are no two people more deserving! Congratulations to Jim and Lisa Anderson! May your life together be full of love, and true joy.



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