Introducing Baby Everett!

He has finally fallen asleep, the moment his mom and I have been patiently waiting for throughout the night. The defiant eye he’d been half opening, finally closed. Peaceful and still, sweet and innocent. These are the moments every newborn photographer waits for, and Everett here didn’t disappoint…not that anyone could be disappointed in a baby!

For me it’s not all about the posed ‘floating on the cloud’ shot, it’s about all the moments leading up to it, the true experiences families share together during the first few weeks of baby, especially when there is a big brother or sister around. Being a big sister myself, I can still remember the awe and excitement when my “baby sister” was born. She’s a mother now herself, so not such a baby anymore, but the sweet smell and the soft skin I felt when I first held her will stay with me forever. It is those moments that I love to capture, those moments when baby just won’t fall asleep, and is making it known that they’re the boss!
As Everett was passed around to mom, dad and even big brother Cayden, trying to coax him to sleep, I was thrilled to capture each smile, laugh, giggle and even annoyance. As Everett lay in the arms of his brother I saw a sneak peek into a lifetime of real brotherly love. It’s truly amazing to see the raw and beautiful peeks of a personality in the facial expressions of a newborn, expressions that can only be fully appreciated when they’re awake and interacting in their own unique way. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family. Thank you to the Hansen family for allowing me into the most precious moments of their lives.




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