Blessings of Photography

One of the best privileges of being a wedding and family photographer is the ability to take a peek into peoples lives, capturing some of the best moments in time. Moments that can be looked back on when reminiscing with family and friends, and especially when remembering those who have passed. As a wedding photographer, I get to know, not just the bride and groom, but their friends and family, and most especially their parents, or those that play the parental role. The feeling of appreciation that I have received from the parents of the couples time and time again, is one the warmest and rewarding moments of the day. It creates a sort of bond, with your bride and grooms family.
7 months ago, I was given the privilege of photographing the wedding of the daughter of my aunt and uncle’s dearest friends. During the moments leading up to the wedding, I could see clearly how close the bride was to her mother. So sweet and pure, a truly beautiful relationship to be sure. I am so very thankful that both the bride, her family, and myself have those images to look back on….even more so now, in these sad times. Today, I received word that my bride had lost her mother, quite suddenly about a month ago. Although I didn’t know her well, I can still remember her spirit…. and her hugs when I delivered her daughter’s photo album. I found myself tearing up and feeling the loss as if it were my own. Sometimes we don’t need to know someone on a deeply personal level, to know they are/were the best sort of person. The fact that my dear aunt and uncle had been friends with both her and her husband for years, is enough to know what a truly wonderful person she was, she will be truly missed…
Photography has always been a way of preserving memories, ever since I was a child and lost one of my grandmothers and caretaker, quite unexpectedly at the age of 11. Since then I make it a priority to capture as many moments as I can because you never know when your life will take an unexpected turn. Sondra was truly a wonderful woman, adored and will be loved forever more.
On the subject of loss, my sweet neighbor allowed me to photograph her and her gem of a dog, Daphne, about 6 months ago, and sadly at the age of 16 she passed on yesterday. Daphne was her best friend and will be so very missed. If you think it’s silly to pay for pet photography, I assure it isn’t. I don’t know about you? But I love my dog and cat as if they were my kids. I regret not taking enough pictures of them when they were just a kitten & pup. I am again so thankful that I was able to capture the beautiful moments below. I know Sandy will treasure them forever.



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