Meeting Baby Liam my 1st Paying Client

Let me take you back in time….
My heart was beating a mile a minute with images of different newborn poses running through my head. This was my first paying family client with Summer Bear Photography and I felt as though my entire future was riding on the next few hours of my life. I had already been through hell and back this year, and what I needed more than anything was a positive family session…
As soon as I saw sweet baby Liam, my nerves calmed, and my joy and love of photography took over. The smell of a newborn baby can calm any woman’s nerves to be sure. The innocence, the sweetness, and the promise of a beautiful future, all captured in that sweet sleeping face, and I had the amazing job of capturing this adorable baby. This baby boy, who even at only 13 days old, slept like a man of 30…
I could see little Liam all grown up, taking a nap after a long day of watching a football. As an observer of people my entire life, I was amazed to find that our habits as adults are formulated so early in life. Will his mom walk in his room 15 years from now, see him sleeping in a similar way and think back on his very first photo-shoot…I can only hope! They grow so fast, and these are the precious moments we often forget over the years. In between the diaper changes, the feedings, the 1st day of school, to their first dance, it’s so easy to forget those first few days of pure joy, love and yes sleeplessness…
Although I walked in feeling scared that I would mess up the session, I found my calm, my joy, and my confidence in the fact that I knew, with patience, and a little bit of creativity I would deliver exactly what my client would treasure forever. I had for the first time ever, found complete confidence in myself….as a photographer, an artist, and a woman. And despite my nervous sweats leading up to the shoot, and the complete anxiety and fear of crashing and burning…it was worth the risk, not just for my business, but for my own personal growth. Photography like so many other professions people choose is not just a job, it’s a calling.



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