Indie and Jeromy, the Journey from Middle School to Now

She walked nervously and gracefully down the aisle of a stunning and intricate cathedral, her eyes locked on her groom, her soul mate, her forever. This man standing before her was once a little boy that she saw during recess at a small private school in San Jose.

Life had taken them on different paths, but now her path was clear. She would stand before God and all her friends and family and promise that their journey would now continue forward together as one.

Her traditional train and veil, glided behind her as she met Jeromy. His eyes subtly lit as his gaze took in her beauty.

He is not a man to show emotion, but I could see a hint of mist in those eyes.  As the hour-long ceremony and prayers progressed, they stole smiles and even soft laughs as their loved ones spoke of their history and gave them blessings.

Cheers and clapping erupted as they officially became man and wife. They beamed with joy as they stole way for a few moments alone in the tranquil garden.

Later, after all the formals had been taken and it was time to truly celebrate, the bride and groom broke away from their traditional side and mingled with the guests and mariachi band during the cocktail celebration. They laughed and danced the hour away. Slipping away to take detail shots, I was delighted to find their centerpieces were dedicated to classic and timeless movie favorites. Each one picked with great care and thought. I was only too happy to make sure that each and every movie portrayed was captured. I felt a certain kinship to Indie and Jeromy as I wandered around the room, which only grew later after Indie’s dance students surprised the couple with a talented performance. Jazz dance is a passion of mine, and as I snapped away, I couldn’t help but glow with delight and memory of my own years in my high school color guard. Although, having never met the bride prior to her wedding, by the end of the day, I felt a connection to the couple that truly encompasses all the reasons that I love wedding photography. I wish them decades more of happiness!



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