Favorite 2018 Wedding Color Trends

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it’s time to start the long and exciting process of planning the wedding of your dreams. After choosing the venue and photographer, the next crucial decision is often, “What colors do I choose?!?” After doing a bit of research and speaking with a few of my 2018 brides, I realized two things. Many couples are going in one of two directions. They are bringing back the elegance, with a twist, or they want to bring a woodsy look to their design. Below are my top 5 favorite color trends for 2018:

Mauve & Gold


This color combination is absolutely elegant! It brings a light and airy classic romantic look to any wedding. It reminds me of Paris, the world-renowned city of love. Embrace the Paris, and ignore the cliche, this is your day!

Gold, Black and White

This bold look, is an exquisite and timeless style, that will make your wedding day pop. The combination of Gold, Black and White, drips of wealth, class, and royalty, your guests will think they walked into a million dollar wedding.

Rose, Blush, and Gold 

This warm rose gold style also brings a sense of luxury to your day. Wonderfully versatile, these colors can lend to both a formal traditional look, as well as woodsy/nature inspired theme. This popular trend is sure to find it’s way into thousands of weddings across the country.

Dusty Rose and Greenery

For those that adore nature, and all the dazzling colors it provides, this color pallet is perfect for you. Fabulous colors for a vineyard, beach, or forest weddings alike. Simplicity can be absolutely stunning and exude grace, while embracing nature all at the same time. 

Gold, Burgundy, & Navy

For those going for a bold and striking look, that your man can definitely get behind, consider this look. It is great for those Fall and Winter weddings. Dramatic & elegant, this color scheme is fabulous for those who like to go over the top with theme weddings, does anyone else think these colors would go well with a Game of Thorns celebration? Just an idea…
Although these are my favorite trends for 2018, I am not often one to follow the leader, I have my own style and so should every bride. There are no wrong choices for your wedding day, it’s YOUR day…hold on to that thought, and embrace Taylor Swifts line…”the haters gonna hate”…so really go with your heart and your dreams and enjoy one of the most important days of your life.





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