Jessica Scoles WallFlower Artistry

It was one of the few gorgeous days we had in mid-March, and Jessica, looked like Mother Nature herself! I wonder if she had something to do with the break in the much-needed rain storms we were having??? On this beautiful Sunday evening, I drove up a small hill in Antioch, and was pleasantly surprised by lovely home, situated on a 1/3 of an acre, almost unheard of in suburbs anymore!

In the corner of her backyard resides a gorgeous bed of flowers, so perfect to showcase, not just the flowing and majestic garb, Jessica wore, but her exquisite make-up! The natural hues expertly applied to her eyelids and high cheekbones, lend to the royal air that surrounded her. As I gaze at this photo, time has no meaning, and Mother Nature seems to be the end all, be all of the world. Jessica, truly embraces the imagery one imagines when thinking of  WallFlower Artistry . I am so thrilled that I was able to capture so purely, the idea behind style shoots for women. We are powerful and strong, weather front and center in a boardroom, or behind the scenes, where the accomplishments are only seen by a few, but felt by many.

As the sun began to wan we moved on to another location nestled in between suburban Antioch homes, that looks and feels as though we were transported to the woods of a fairy-tale. Such a prime example, that beauty can be found anywhere and everywhere, both in nature and among us.

What I love about Jessica, is that she is able to enhance the natural beauty of her client. There isn’t a fake Kim Kardashian look to any of her work. It truly is natural artistry. She embraces the beauty of the woman before her and enhances each of her unique and perfect features. I highly recommend her for all special occasions, or when you book a style session just for you, because you deserve it!
Check out more of the beautiful Jessica Scoles in the gallery below or contact her for your next event! Wallflower Artistry



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