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It was an absolutely gorgeous first day of April. The sky was the perfect blue, and the temperature couldn’t have been more perfect. The park I had chosen for the meeting place with Cristina today, was one that I had spent many hours in while growing up in my hometown of Morgan Hill. Although this park had grown and changed over the years, the serene duck pond in its center anchored it to my nostalgic past. I took a moment and just embraced all the memories that flooded to me.
Cristina found me sitting under one of my favorite trees. I stood up and shook hands with my new friend, and event planner Cristina Galvan. Despite being 1pm in the middle of a bright and sunny day, the images turned out soft and beautiful. There were some amazing blossoms in bloom nearby, that I just couldn’t help but utilize.
After our mini session, we drove to a nearby Starbucks, one that I frequented as a teenager, and sat down to get to know each other a bit better. One amazing thing about getting to know other artistic minded people is the ideas that come from just a simple conversation. She loves the ideas of theme style weddings, and my heart leaped at the idea!¬†Disney, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Cowboy, Under the Sea, Retro, the sky is the limit! As my mind swarmed around all the different fun theme events we would love to do, it dawned on me….we are in the tech capital of the world. There are employees at Google, Apple, Pixar, Facebook, etc…that would be so enthusiastic about a themed event, wedding, etc…We have a lot of work ahead of us to find those amazing clients, but I know we will and in the meantime if you or anyone you know is just salivating at the idea of a themed event don’t hesitate to contact me or Cristina and Hermosa Events! We are excited to make your dreams come true!



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