Why winter is one of the funnest times to have a family or styled shoot!

Winter…snow, ice, wind, and rain, these are just some of the descriptions that come to mind when one thinks about this angelic season. However, here in the San Francisco Bay Area, winter consists of colder weather, a mix of evergreens and barren trees and hopefully rain. It’s no wonder why winter is traditionally the slow season for photographers.
However, jump in the car and take a 2-3 hour drive North East, sometimes closer, you will find a winter wonderland, so beautiful and serene it is a wonder that more people don’t take advantage of this majestic season for photo shoots. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit my cousin, who lives in the hills right above Reno. Although a desert of sorts, it receives just the right amount of snow to be so much fun, yet still manageable. On my last day of vacation, just a half hour after getting back from a 5 mile walk, those soft beautiful flurries began to fall from the sky. I was as giddy as a child, as I jumped up and grabbed my camera. After only an hour, the dry terrain turned into a winter wonderland…
While the snow still fell from the sky, the whole family bundled up and headed out to play. I was in heaven, as I slowly walked around the yard and took in the plethora of white around me. Despite my camera in hand, I couldn’t help but indulge in a snow fight with my little cousins. After a few well aimed snowballs, I took up my camera again and snapped some sweet candid shots.
It’s amazing how adorable these candids turned out, I can only imagine how a full family shoot would turn out! I look forward to the day I can do a styled shoot in the snow covered woods. With all the amazing winter styles, a winter session would be both elegant and different. I can’t wait for the my next walk in the snow, hopefully with a client tow…



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