Celebrating a Woman’s Strength and Beauty

Her beautiful gown hung down her back and softly flowed behind her as she walked to a rustic fence in beautiful Round Valley. She nervously laughed as I set her up for her first pose and stylized shoot. Even in the dead of winter, this beauty brought spring in full force. From her golden hair and porcelain skin to her utter grace, just emanating outward, Jen was the picture perfect model.

Every woman deserves a day to celebrate herself. This stylized shoot was the perfect way to showcase the many facets of Jen. The parts of her being that often are hid away while she takes on the roles of wife, mother, friend, and entrepreneur. When life is full of struggles and many unexpected obstacles, it’s important to cherish our inner strength and beauty, especially as women.
As a massage therapist, she spends her time away from taking care of her boys by serving and caring for her clients. Every time I have the pleasure of treating myself to one of her luxurious massages, I feel complete and utter relaxation, something that is lacking in much of my life. I took such joy in giving her the fun experience that was this styled shoot. Despite the cold, and the hike to locations, a little off the beat and path, it was one of the most fulfilling shoots of my life. Although I just adore weddings, if I could choose one type of photography to do for the rest of my life, it would be stylized shoots, specializing in celebrating woman.
I will be doing my own style shoot to celebrate my 35th birthday in 2 weeks. I am nervous, as I am sure that most women would be, but if sweet and shy Jen can so naturally step into the role of a model so can I, and so can every woman out there. If a shoot is just not your thing I would recommend contacting Jen to get a therapeutic massage, as a treat for yourself. Thank you Jen, for allowing me to capture your spirit on this joyful shoot!





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