Mommy and Me: Enchanted Woods

In hustle and bustle of the San Francisco Bay, it is nice to take a little trip into a world where time stands still and we can cherish that moment with our young daughters. Located in beautiful Redwoods of the Oakland Hills, a secluded path hides in this expansive Regional Park. At the corner of this winding path, I created a magical place for my mommy and me mini-sessions. I brought beautiful gowns, makeup, twinkle lights and a little bit of fairy dust.

As the first family of 3 girls arrived I quickly added little gloss and glitter to their already rosy cheeks. The eldest at 8 years old, knew almost more about make-up than me. I chuckled at the authority in the tone of her voice. With several children running around it was a challenge to focus the children, but as soon as they got to blow glitter and twirl around in their fairy skirts, a plain session became so much fun!

Mommy and Me sessions for daughters are some of my favorite sessions because I get to capture sweet moments like the one below. The mother-daughter bond is so important to develop in these early years. Creating magical moments in a world of chaos is so very important.

This image feels like it was plucked straight from a bedtime story. Mommy and me, she may say to describe this picture to her own daughter some day. I have very few photos of me and my mother, which has always made me a little sad. She has always been uncomfortable in front of the camera, but a good photographer can work with all circumstances and personalities.

My job and pleasure is to make each client, no matter what their shape or size, feel their absolute best! If worried about being in front of the camera, remember you have a sweet little girl that will absolutely adore these photos for the rest of their life, not to mention the fact that children have a wonderful way of hiding those parts of us that we may wish were smaller…I admit I have used my niece in this manner myself:)

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Until next time my friends…make each moment magical!



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