You’ve Booked Your Wedding Venue, Now What?

French Country Wedding

French Country Wedding


Congratulations on booking your wedding!! That is so exciting!! So What’s your next move?

The great thing about staying at home is that you have a lot more time on your hands! If you have a wedding you have been planning but haven’t gotten past choosing the venue, nows the time to pull that trigger:) We all have extra time, and since the economy has been booming up until now, and hopefully will again once this over, most of us have a little extra money…well maybe just a little extra, lol. So let’s dive into your next steps in planning your wedding!

1. Book your photographer and videographer!

Personally, I am booking weddings a year in advance, especially right now! Everyone is moving there spring weddings until late summer or the fall, so now is the time to look into that if you’re getting married within the next 8 weeks. Some brides are evening moving it till 2021, so that crazy 2020 season looks to be moving to 2021!

What goes into booking a wedding photographer you might ask? First and foremost, you need to make sure you connect with their work and them as a person! Then take a look at what packages they offer and budget. Many photographers, even those you think are too expensive, offer payment plans. I have built my business off of payment plans! I am thrilled to offer this option if it means my bride gets exactly the package they want:) For more important questions to ask check out my 5 Questions to Asks Before Booking a Photographer!

2. Book a Planner or Coordinator!

Technically this could come before booking your photographer and videographer. In fact, hiring a planner can save you time, stress and even money! Planners are worth the investment…trust me!! They know everyone in the industry! If a planner recommends a client I will often give their client a friends and family discount, and I’m not alone in that little perk! They can also help you with the next steps below!

3. Choose a Style/Colors!

This is again, where a wedding coordinator comes in handy, I recommend Events By Nicki for the bay area! She is so sweet and has a lot of connections! She can also help you choose your style and colors, based on your personality! Do you love themed weddings? Country Chic? French Country? Classic? Elegant? There are so many options and styles out there! My one other piece of advice is that you don’t pay so much attention to what’s popular, that comes and goes, just do you!

4. Send the Save the Date Cards!

In this day in age, we all live busy lives! Ok so maybe not right now when we are all stuck at home, but as soon as the threat has subsided it will be back to the grind for most of us! So when should I send the Save the Dates, if you are doing it electronically I’d recommend 6 months in advance or more if it is a destination wedding, and yes that includes a wedding that is more than a 4-6 hour drive away from your home. The physical invitations are usually sent out about 2 months in advance or up to 6 if it is a destination wedding overseas or out of the state. Aw travel, I already miss it!!

5. Hire the rest of your vendors!

If you were smart and hired a wedding planner that you are covered! You have hired someone to take care of all the details both large and small. This can include finding the talent! The DJ or live band, the magician, the dancers, the florist, the baker, the candlestick maker…ok, I was kidding on that last one! Often, the caterers are included with the venue, but if that isn’t the case that is one of the biggest priorities and one of the most expensive vendors to book! Below is a sample list:






-Other talents


-A prop/rental company if need be

I am sure that your planner that I know you’re going to hire, will help you out with the other small details that I may have missed:)

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Until next time, stay safe and healthy through this turbulent time!




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