5 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Photographer!

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5 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Photographer!

One of the positive aspects of being in a shelter-in-place here in the bay area is more time to plan your wedding!! It is also a great opportunity to support local small businesses! Before you jump in feet first, definitely do your research and of course make sure you connect with them on a personal level, especially your photographer! I’d love to share some of the questions I ask photographers when I am booking them for myself…of course, I have all the dirty little secrets about the world of photography so that’s an advantage:)

I’m excited to share some of my insight that will help you ease your mind and decrease your stress!

1) What happens if you’re not able to photograph our wedding due to illness or an emergency?

Let’s be honest, this is a big one right now! With all of the postponed weddings, brides are concerned about their deposit and what happens if their photographers aren’t available on their new date? Even without a pandemic life can happen, and things come up, so what then? I am lucky enough to work with 2 associate photographers who are absolutely amazing!! In the rare case that I am unable to photograph a wedding, you will be treated to working with lovely ladies who were trained by the same international photographers I was! After your wedding, I am still the point of contact for all edits, albums and wall art!

2) When will the final gallery be ready?

So we have all heard the horror stories of photographers not delivering their clients gallery for months and months. My own friends got married in 2018, the photographer seemed wonderful, but 6 months later and she still hadn’t delivered the gallery!!! There is just no excuse for that!! I deliver all my galleries between 30 and 45 days after the wedding….although 45 days is really pushing it, and I consider that late in my book:)

3) Do you offer videography, or do you work with a videographer?

About a year ago, after some unfortunate experiences with videographers, I decided to start offering my own videography services. Why you might ask? Well for one, it is much easier to direct my crew when they are in fact my crew, lol! Not only does everything flow in such a way that we can almost disappear and keep out of everyone’s hair as much as possible, but the end product is cohesive and of similar styles. If you love light and natural, that’s what you will enjoy for years to come with both your images as well as your highlight reel!

4) Will you have a 2nd photographer? Is it needed for our wedding?

It is usually a good idea to have a 2nd photographer. It ensures that all the most important parts of your day are covered. If one photographer’s camera craps out, not only do I keep a back up on hand, but I also have my second photographer to grab that split-second moment. I know I am sharing some of those dirty secrets here, but I feel it’s important to be real and transparent! If you’re having a more intimate wedding with less than 60 people and no bouquet toss, then a 2nd photographer may not be needed, especially if you aren’t interested in having getting ready photos of the groomsmen.

5) What type of album & print/digital file packages do you offer? Is there an incentive for purchasing an album or print package ahead of time?

Every single photographer has a different way they set up their packages, so this is a key question! Some photographers don’t include the digital files in their initial packages, some do. Most photographers offer price breaks if you order an album ahead of time, or wall art. The most important thing to consider is, how do you want to use your wedding images? Do you want to view them a couple of times and then let them live on your hard drive forever? Most people answer no to this question, but alas, this is often the final resting place for those digital files:(

I recommend ordering an album from your photographer. Putting together an album on your own is time-consuming and usually doesn’t actually get done, plus if you order from Shutterfly or another lower-end company, the color is often a skew and the quality is subpar! Albums are one of the best ways to treasure your images for decades to come, and you can even pass them on to your kids, plus you can add-on mini-albums as gifts for your parents! Wall art is the next best thing! A 16×20 on your wall is a great reminder of your love, especially during one of your disagreements we as humans have with loved ones from time to time:)


It is here that I leave you, I hope to have filled you with a plethora of information and a sense of confidence in moving forward to booking your photographer.

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