COVID-19 Wedding Day Preparedness

4 TIPS TO PREPAREDNESS AND SAFETY AT YOUR WEDDING! (Things we have learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic)
Let’s start by celebrating the fact that you’re engaged!! People are still getting engaged now, there are beautiful things going on in the world despite the negativity that the media likes to spread around. No one wants a Pandemic and COVID-19 has caused so much to change in our lives! Instead of focusing on the bad though let’s focus on the good!
  • You finally have time to plan your wedding!! 
  • The economy was booming just before COVID-19 hit, and shows signs of bouncing right back!
  • Pollution all over the world has decreased faster than any of the leading scientists could have predicted! The earth is miraculous!
  • Since we have all been taking such precautions other illnesses are slowing down, we may come out of this healthier than ever before!
  • We have time to spend with your family, whether that’s virtually or in our homes. 
  • We have learned what it really means to have healthy life practices!

All of that being said, let me share some important tips, that will give you peace of mind surrounding your wedding day!

4 Tips for Planning your Wedding!

1) Make sure all of your venders have a clause to allow for a change of date in the case of an emergency.  

2) This one is a big one, but important. Make sure your venue has a clause to allow for a change of date in the case of an emergency such as a global pandemic, natural disaster, or death of a fiance. I hate putting that one in, but I am always truthful and transparent. As we all struggle through these times, it’s important to be as prepared as possible. After all of the canceled and postponed wedding, venues should be willing to comply, if they aren’t I’d reconsider that venue.

3) During the wedding, have hand sanitizer in abundance with nice signs saying “We love you all, so let’s make sure we all stay healthy. Enjoy the free sanitizer!”

4) Have the elderly guests where gloves when greeting people. Have the servers and other guests take special precautions around them. I would even suggest adding a note in the invitations. 

This will not be the last global pandemic so let’s be prepared and all stay healthier in the meantime!

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