Newborn Photo Tips during Shelter in Place

Congratulations!! You are a new parent! It is such a blessing to see all the photos of baby’s being born. It helps keep the sense of normalcy, so please keep posting!! This will definitely be a story to tell your kiddos when they get older!

So how do you get cute photos like the ones above without having a professional newborn photographer help create them? Honestly, there isn’t a way to get all those sweet wrapped photos, but there are alternatives…Let me share my secrets!


  • Order a couple of cute Newborn outfits online. The little lace one above is a great option for girls! If you are loving on those naked photos, ordering a cute hat is a great option to make it look like a professional newborn shoot. Stay away from tutus though, they are difficult to work with, unless they are made from a softer tulle material. Below are links to a few options:
  1. Girl Lace onsie
  2. Boy knit outfit
  3. Gender Neutral Option


  • Posing is always the hardest! Using your bed is a great option! You can use small blankets underneath a big white or light-colored solid comforter to make sure that the baby’s head is supported. Putting babies on their side is the best option. See the photo above on the right. Very softly and gently move baby arms so they are in prayer pose. If the baby moves just lightly cox there hands under their check. This is the easiest position to get them in, it looks sweet and professional!


  • Prepping for the shoot. It is best that the baby is asleep for posing, that way they aren’t fighting you. Right after the baby is fed, changed and asleep is a great time to do the shoot. Before rocking the baby to sleep make sure they are in the outfit that you want for the shoot. It is also a good idea to make sure the bed is prepared and ready to go. Newborn shoots can be tricky, so if you get a few great photos it is definitely considered a success!


  • The most important tip is to keep the area really warm, especially if the baby isn’t wearing much. Another great option is using a puppy pad under a blanket if you are concerned about an accident. We all know how newborns can be.

Once the shelter in place is done, scheduling a 3 month, 6 month or 9-month session is always a great option! For those that schedule ahead of time in support of our small business here at Summer Bear Photography, I am also offering a virtual session. I can Facetime with you and guide you through doing a newborn session at home, so you can treasure those small 1st month features!

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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