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Being an entrepreneur is both very rewarding and very hard! Putting yourself out there day after day, risking it all to do what you love is very difficult. Entrepreneurs often suffer from depression and self-esteem issues, when they don’t take the time out of the day to take care of themselves.  We often work 80 hours a week, plus have our personal lives to balance. As an artist myself, I have the sensitivities of an artist that I must balance with the logical mind of a business owner. After 5 years of being a business owner and going from part-time to full time, I have found that branding sessions are so important to not only my own business but other businesses as well. I have put together the top 5 reasons to invest in a Branding Photography Session!

Tip 1:) Branding Photography Sessions can be used for months in Social Media!

Let’s face it marketing today involves a lot of social media marketing whether we like it or not. Personally I love it, because even in the midst of a pandemic you can keep connected with both past clients and potential new clients! Often photos of ourselves receive so many more likes than other photos, I know that is the case with my brand. My ideal client wants to see the woman behind the lens.

Tip 2:) It forces you to really think about the image you want to put out there!

If I am being honest, when I first started, I wasn’t thinking at all about my brand or image. I was just struggling to learn it all, and get my name out there, to build up my portfolio. Now, I want my image to be that of an adventurer and traveler that specializes in women’s portrait photography around the world! I love helping women feel amazing about themselves. This past winter, I traveled with a client to Italy and photographer her in multiple settings. Although very beautiful she was super nervous to be in front of the camera. After all, was said and done she fell in love with her images and how she felt during them!

What image do you want to put out there to attract your ideal clients?

Tip 3:) Everyone needs at least a basic headshot!

Even if a full branding session isn’t in your plans right now, every single business owner must have a headshot. In 2020, that old fashion rigid plain background look isn’t very appealing. It is important to find a photographer than can create a natural and inviting look. Simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Tip 4:) It boosts your confidence!

Be proud and excited to share photos of yourself at all times, whether it is online or on brochures. I know that it can be scary to put your face out there, which is why finding a skilled photographer that brings out your very best self is of the utmost importance!

Tip 5:) Turn it into an empowerment session!

Branding photography can be both about your professional self as well as your personal self. After all, most of what we put into our business IS personal! I always hated that line “it’s not personal, it’s business”. Business often is very personal, especially as an entrepreneur! I love adding a bit of glitz and glam to a photography session. It not only had more variety to your social media content, but it boots self-confidence in a way that we women absolutely deserve!


If what I have shared above resonates with you, I’d love to speak with you! You can reach out in the chat bubble or you can visit our Portrait Page to learn a bit more!

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