7 Stellar Reasons to Book Your Senior Photos Now!

7 Reasons to Book Your Senior Photos Now!

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Your baby is growing up! They are entering their final year of high school! It is both exciting and scary to know this is the last year of childhood, especially with so many uncertainties hanging in the air surrounding this next school year. All the fun milestones attached to Senior Year…Homecoming, Formals, Sports, etc…are all up in the air.

One tradition that can move forward without any questions is Senior Photos! It is just a great way to kick off the new year! Below are 7 reasons to book your seniors’ photos this fall!

Tip 1:) Start this year off on a positive note!

The start of this year is unlike any other. Distance learning, no sports or activities, and unsure when things will get back to normal. Craziness, is the first thing that comes to my mind, what about you? Now is the time to start off the year on a positive note! Celebrate your seniors’ favorite sport, activities and their unique style and personality. Creating portraits just for them is a great way to boost positivity!!

Tip 2:) Looks great for yearbook photos!

One of my regrets from high school is that I didn’t get personalized senior portraits done, just the stiff ones in the studio. I had a bunch of candids that weren’t always flattering lol. Ensure your senior photos celebrate who they are at their best so they can look back for years and years to come!

Tip 3:) Wonderful for holiday postcards!

Why not kill 2 birds with one stone! Get wonderful Senior photos and celebrate this amazing milestone in your child’s life with unique holiday cards! If you ask nicely I might even sneak in a couple of full family shots:)

Tip 4:) Throw in some formal wear!

We all know that the homecoming dance and winter formal is most likely canceled, but that’s no reason not to dress it up in a formal and even bring your significant other or friend! I feel amazing when I am showing off my best self, my self-confidence goes up those much-needed noches!

Tip 5:) This is the best time of year!

This is the absolute best time of year for photos! There is this golden glow this time of year…my absolutely favorite! There is little to no rain in the forecast and it is right before all the craziness of the holiday season begins.

Tip 6:) Save with a bundled package!

There are many photographers who will offer a discount on a bundle for both senior photos now and graduation photos in the spring! Of course, we can’t forget about that! We at Summer Bear Photography offer $100 off a bundle package that even includes touch-ups.

Tip 7:) Build up your Senior’s Confidence!

If your senior, like many, suffers from low self-confidence, a portrait session will do wonders! I know from personal experience how good it feels to have a beautiful portrait session done. In the past I have suffered from body image issues, but on a milestone birthday, I had a mentor do a professional session and I felt like a princess! It was amazing! I love being able to do the same for others!


If anything I mentioned above resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out by following the like to our portraits page below! Or you can even pop in the chatbot! I usually respond very quickly!

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