7  Things Brides Wish They Knew Before their Wedding

The Day Flies By! Yes! You read it right! Like a falcon in the sky. There is so much planning that goes into the wedding. The date, the dress, the shoes, the guests, the venue and the list goes on and on and on. While the planning may be both fun and tedious, the day of the wedding will go by in a flash, but hopefully in a dreamy and perfect way! Below are 7 things brides wish they knew before their wedding. 

1. Good quality photos and videos are a MUST!

  Team Android or Team iPhone? Neither! LOL! When it comes to your wedding day, you want quality, quality, quality and sometimes finding that quality photographer can be a challenge. Some practical things to do to find a quality photographer are the following: Do your own research, set up interviews, request samples of the photographer’s work and make sure that you feel absolutely comfortable with them. Pricing is important, but since photos and videos are the ONLY things left to remember all the hard work and sweet memories, this is one of the most important vendors you will book. Cheaper means, less experience, less professionalism and lower quality. Some of these areas may require a little give and take, but what most important is that the vision of your wedding and what you want the photographer to capture is verbalized and understood.  

2. Invest in a Wedding Planner.

Yes, you can do it all yourself, but you do want to actually make it to your wedding, right? A wedding planner is an absolute must. Wedding planners have contacts! They know the who, the what, and where to get it! They are literally a one-stop-shop when it comes to weddings. Wedding planners can provide brides with a catalog of everyone and everything that they will need for their big day. Wedding planners are also problem solvers. BINGO! The last thing that a bride wants to have to worry about on her big day is what will go wrong. Trust me…something will. Having a wedding planner is like having insurance for things that may go wrong. Many times, brides aren’t aware of problems, because the wedding planners handle it all! 

3. Figuring Out the Flow of the Reception.

Let’s face it! The reception is where all of the fun takes place! What’s not so fun is figuring how to make it…well, FUN. Here’s a tip! Write down everything that you would like for your reception. Be sure to include transitions and “fill in time” which would be optional things if you are running late. Once you have a concise list, take an hour to map out the itinerary. Your wedding planner can help you to ensure that you remember to include everything from the grand entrance to the manner that the food is served. 

4. ONLY invite who you truly want to be present for your wedding day.

Traditionally, invitations are extended to your family, extended family, close friends, co-workers, 7th-grade teacher…just kidding! You want the people there who you care about the most to celebrate with you. If you are feeling a little in between about anyone, DO NOT INVITE THEM. If anyone asks, a great way to share the not-so-good news is to tell them that you have decided to keep your wedding small and intimate. You can also mention that space is limited at the wedding venue. This way, you are not making things personal, but it is more of an operational restriction.

5. Do What YOU want to Do.

This is YOUR day. There is so much that goes into making this day special and memorable. While part of this day is for your guests, you want to shy away from giving them too much (if any) say so. Some may have been married (once or three times), they may be wedding planners, they may have been a bridesmaid (10 or more times) and this is all great! Everyone is welcome to give their input. Just make sure that you decide on what you want to do, based on what makes YOU happy. 

6. Wait Until the Last 10 Days to get Your Dress Altered.

Hear me out! I know that this can sound like waiting until the last minute, but it is really a great idea. The last 10-day countdown to your wedding will be stressful. Finalizing so much, encountering some challenges, etc. can put you off of your normal routine. Waiting until the last 10 days will assist with ensuring that your wedding dress is the perfect fit. TIP: Have items such as pins, double-sided tape, inserts, etc. just in case you need it.  

7. Make sure that you eat.

Yes, eat! There is so much going on the day of the wedding that eating is the last thing on a bride’s mind. Having some filling snacks and H2O is key. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oatmeal, and protein are great items to include in your diet the day of the wedding. TIP: Sip on the water throughout the day to avoid any rushes to the bathroom and don’t drink a lot of alcohol while getting ready. Yes, I have had brides who were drunk by the end of their ceremony. 

I hope these 7 things brides wish they knew before their wedding will help ease your mind! Of course feel free to use the chat feature to ask any questions!

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