“Wedding Colors We Are Loving for 2021”


Most of us are familiar with the traditional wedding colors. The blue’s, burgundy’s, red’s, white, gray and blush. Well, things are looking a bit different for 2021. Can you guess the trending colors? Let’s get into lilac, yellow, bright red and green. These colors come from the primary colors but definitely add a twist. The great thing about these colors is that many are warm and welcoming, while the others are blunt. What a great combination! Let’s discuss how to use these amazing colors on your special day!


  1. Lilac – Purple hues are definitely making a comeback in 2021.  Lilac can be used with colors such as pale yellow, mint green, and white. Think of lilac as the more whimsical color.
  2. Yellow – Yellow is a great color because it is versatile. Bright yellow would be a perfect accent color paired with neutrals. Yellow is also great for flowers. Think sunflowers, roses and peonies. 
  3. Bright Red – If you are desiring a pop of color…you have found it! Bright red goes with colors such as aqua, champagne, and white. 
  4. Green – While green is definitely a complementary color, using more greenery can actually be beneficial. The decor, the cake, and even a hint of green to the wedding invitations. FUN FACT: The color green represents new beginnings and growth. 

It’s important to know that when you are choosing your wedding colors, you can be as creative as you like. While each color has an individual meaning, there are no rules when it comes to color. Some looks never go out of style and some are more trendy. Think about the feeling that you want to achieve with your wedding and go from there. If you are still feeling a little unsure, check out www.munsellcolor.com. Munsell Color is an online color system that will help you match your colors.

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