Avoid Booking a Wedding Photographer

Avoid booking your wedding photographer if they don’t ask these 3 questions during your consultation.

Before we dive into those 3 magic questions, let me touch  on why these 3 questions are so important.

  • FIRST, this one of the most important days of your life, full of love, family and friends.
  • SECOND, this is one of the few, if only, time in your life when you’re entire family, actually both of your families, are gathered together in celebration.
  • and THIRD, you’ve been planning this day for months, if not years, so every detail & moment is special and important.

A photographer’s job is more than getting a pretty picture. It’s about freezing that moment when the couple see’s each other for the 1st time, or the look on your parents face when they give you away. The laughter of an embarrassing moment, the tears after a heart warming speech, those first dances to those crazy last dances & every moment in between.

So what are those 3 magical questions?

Those 3 magical questions that you should hear from an experienced photographer before booking, that will let you know they will put you and your wedding first every step of the way?

Question 1)

What parts of your wedding day are you most  looking forward to?

This question lets you know that they will put your wants, needs & desires ahead of their ‘art’, ahead of their pride. Every bride should have a wedding photographer that articulates their story in a beautiful way.

Question 2)

What details of your wedding have you planned meticulously or are close to your heart and must be captured?

Each wedding showcases the personality of the couple & includes precious elements. Often there are photos of loved ones passed tucked into special places so their spirits can be apart of their day, or unique handmade centerpieces, or antique jewelry. All of these details are apart of you as a couple and should be treated as precious.

Question 3)

What are you looking forward to most about receiving your wedding gallery? What would you like to do with those precious photos after the exciting viewing party?

Ok, so that’s a total of 4 super important questions that a wedding photographer should ask. The most popular answer to this question is reliving the day because it went by in such a blur. As the center of attention there is much that is missed and the final wedding gallery allows them to relive every single moment. The second most popular answer to the question is a wedding album and wall art. One of the regrets of couples who decide to just receive a gallery is they never actually look at the photos…or worse, the lose the photos. Yes a full wedding gallery loss as happened before. Luckily I keep a back up, but still that’s a scary thing to happen.

Every couple should be able to relive their wedding day for years and decades to come!

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