Never Hire Family as your Day of Wedding Coordinator

“To save a little money you should have one of your relatives be your day of wedding coordinator”,

Have you heard that tip yet? If so you are probably talking to friends or family that are trying to help you save money. The ONLY reason a bride to be should even entertain the idea of having a family member act as a wedding coordinator, is if they have professional experience doing so and are ok with working the wedding instead of enjoying the day as a guest.

“But I have a tight budget and wedding coordinators are expensive.”

I myself have coordinated a wedding for as little as $300, that may have been 10 years ago, but still, budgeting $500 -$1000 for a day of coordinator will save stress, and the dozens of grey hairs associated with the stress.

The first question you might ask is, “does the wedding coordinator the venue provides count?” Actually yes, they are very helpful, and if you have a great MC you should be pretty well set.

If you’re having a large wedding over 150, multiple location changes or are at a venue that doesn’t provide a coordinator, it is ESSENTIAL that you hire one.

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“Really how bad would it be if I didn’t have one at all”

Will the world stop turning and your wedding be ruined…probably not. However, here are a few things that have come up at weddings that didn’t have any kind of wedding coordinator.

The reception wasn’t set and ready to go on time. I actually had to step in to help in, as a guest I might add, to make sure that everything was set and ready to go when the bride and groom arrived.

The most common issue that comes up is just a lot of confusion and a lack of flow at the wedding as a whole. If you have a fabulous MC, who has the timeline and is comfortable taking charge, your wedding will flow much better.

The 2nd most common issue, is major stress on the bride and the bridesmaids. Your wedding day is hectic enough, and your adrenaline will be through the roof. Having the peace of mind of knowing that everything is taken care of is priceless.


“How do I find a wedding coordinator?

The knot is a great place to look, and a little tip, go straight to page 10 or higher. The vendors on the first couple of pages, pay a lot of money to be there, so they will have to charge more. The free listings are on the higher page numbers and they will often be a bit cheaper.

The other option is simply to Google, put out several feelers. Trust me it is worth a little extra effort to find a day of wedding coordinator.


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