Beach Wedding at Crook Point Oregon

In a little spot off the Oregon coast, nestled in a thick wooded area,  sits a little cliff side beach wedding venue, over looking the gorgeous Pacific Ocean…this is where are story begins.


On a brilliant and bright fall day, one young man stood on a beach, waiting patiently as the soft footsteps of his bride approached behind him.

When he turned around to behold his bride for the first time he thought “I’m the luckiest man in the world”. Drinking her breathtaking beauty in, he embraced her with all the warmth and love he had. Today was the day they’d be joined together for all eternity.


“Little did I know that that girl who just tripped over her own feet in front of me, would one day be my wife and the mother of my children”, he said just an hour later as he said his vows.

In life…sometimes your soulmate is the person who you never expected but have been searching for your whole life!


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Planning a Simple Beach Wedding

Two Navy veterans ready to share their love in front of their family and friends came together at a sweet simple wedding at a gorgeous outdoor location at Crook Point just north of Brookings, Oregon.

At this gem of a location, the large beautiful redwoods nestle right up to a beautiful cliff with beach access.

A simple wedding is what Gretchen and Travis desired, so they allowed for the sun-kissed ocean to serve as their backdrop.

The bride was simply aglow as she walked bathed in sunlight towards her soon to be husband.

Even with the unusual cloudless sky, the guests couldn’t deny the breathtaking view as the sun lit up the entire scene.


With such an iconic location a minimalist approach can be just the way to go.

With large cleared spaces nestled between the woods and the beach, and beautiful strung lights hanging elegantly above all the tables, it takes just a simple idea to make a beautiful reception. Forgoing the luxury tent, the couple opted for warm outdoor heaters, so guests could enjoy the stunning sunset as the newlyweds enjoyed their very first dance as a married couple.

The guests enjoyed a simple buffet as they took in the sweet moments during those special wedding dances.

Naturally beautiful locations can lend themselves to some of the most romantic moments perfect for those minimalist couples who just simply want to celebrate their union with a small group of family and friends.

And so as the sunset waned to night the couple soaked up all the love and great conversations. Laughing the night away before starting an their new adventure together as man and wife.


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Planning a Luxury Beach Wedding

Sometimes a gorgeous beach, is just an inspiration, a place to start when planning the glamorous wedding of your dreams. From a beautiful flower alter to a grand twinkle light tent that feels like an absolute dream inside.

I can’t help but think of Bella and Edwards wedding from “Twilight: Breaking Dawn”, with beautiful orchids and other exotic florals cascading down from above and dreamy lighting everywhere one looks.

Add a bit of luxury with a mobile caterer and waiters, an epic live band with top of the link MC for later in the night when it’s time to get down and dance.

Beach weddings can also lend themselves to an amazing fireworks display overlooking the moon light waters.

The best wedding designers can make a beautiful wedding at any location, but a beach location that has the added benefit of a wooded cliffside, is a fairytale wedding in the making:)

So go on, start dreaming of your perfect dream wedding:)


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