3 reasons to invest in makeup and hair for your wedding from Bay Area makeup artist, Kim Baker Beauty

Bay Area makeup artist Kim Baker Beauty has 9 years of experience to share so you can feel your very best!

What is the very first vendor with you on your wedding day?

Your hair and makeup team!

While how you look is of the utmost importance on your wedding day, so is how you feel. I would actually argue that how you feel is MORE important!

Investing in experienced, trustworthy and reputable artists will go so much further than just your makeup and hair. 

And what do I mean by investing? Everyone will have a different budget, I’m not here to tell you what to spend. I am here to tell you to reconsider spending $200 for wedding makeup from your Bay Area makeup artist and hair team. 

So much more goes into your wedding makeup and hair than just showing up and working. You want to work with someone who feels fairly compensated for their work and will go above and beyond to help you have the best day possible.

We also recommend you work with a team who cushions their schedule and doesn’t overwork their artists. You never know what can come up on wedding day and you don’t want to feel rushed at the start of your day.

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REASON ONE: experienced and luxury makeup and hair teams will focus on your experience so you can feel your very best

When brides and to-be-weds inquire about working with the Kim Baker Beauty team, I ask them how they invision their wedding morning. Most of them say something to the affect of, “I want to enjoy myself with my closest people. I want the morning to be calm and fun!”

Actually knowing how you want to feel on your wedding morning will help you find the right artist. 

Do you need someone who is grounded and calm to help you feel that way?

Or do you want someone more outgoing and to be part of the party?

PRO TIP: ask to book a zoom call with any potential artists so you can get a feel for their energy. You can see their work online, you know what they can do, but knowing their personality will help you decide who the best artist for you is.

When a team is experienced, they will keep an eye out for their clients and manage the energy of the room without making themselves the center of attention.

For example, there are often certain personalities and people that can increase a bride or to-be-wed’s stress on their wedding day. Your hair and makeup team can move around the schedule or ask this person for help in order to make space between you and this person.


REASON TWO: your wedding makeup and hair experience starts well before the wedding day

This truly goes for any vendor, but you should feel good and excited as soon as you first see your makeup and hair team online.

Whether you find them on their website, Instagram, TikTok, Google, Pinterest, Wedding Wire, The Knot, Style My Pretty, Here Comes the Guide or any other of the many places online, you should be able to see yourself in their work and feel welcomed.

This will be different for everyone, but pay attention to how you feel when navigating through an artist’s online presence.

What’s the inquiry process like?

Are they organized? Or are you confused?

Do you feel taken care of? Or do you feel neglected?

How you feel during the booking process is an indication of how you may feel while working with this person. If they only seem to care after you pay… do they really care?

Then what? It may feel like there is so much time between booking an your wedding day, but the positive experience should continue during this time.

PRO TIP: Ask artists how they communicate with their clients and what their processes is for collecting information.


REASON THREE: your wedding photos and video last forever

Most couples understand the importance of investing in high quality photography and video that aligns with their style preference.

You will look at these photos and watch you video with each other and loved ones for years to come. Your wedding photos will be hung up on your wall and your album on your coffee table. You will watch your video at least once a year on your anniversary.

How you felt about yourself and every other feeling you had on your wedding day lives in these photos and video.

Every time you look at them, the memories rush back.

You remember feeling loved by all of your favorite people.

You remember looking at yourself for the first time with makeup and hair.

You remember seeing your love for the first time on your wedding day.

You remember the joy of dancing the night away.

What if your day started with someone you never met and barely trusted?

What if your day started with disliking how you look?

What if your day started with chaos because no one made a makeup and hair timeline?

Investing in a luxury and experience makeup and hair team goes so much further than just great makeup and hair, they will solve problems before they become problems so you can be fully present from the very beginning of your wedding day.

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