5 Best Livermore Wedding Venues for Your Big Day

Considering a Livermore Wedding Venue vs. Napa?

Livermore is an often overlooked beautiful area, where the glistening rolling hills and the wineries in the setting sun are plentiful. Although Napa and Sonoma receive global attention as the “it” place for wine country destination weddings, Livermore wedding venues have a charm that can’t be denied.

I’ve made a list of my top 5 favorite Livermore wedding venues and every single one has exquisite views!

1. Casa Real at The Ruby Hill 

Livermore Wedding Venues

This Livermore wedding venue has 2 different locations to hold your reception, both inside and outdoors. Whether it’s pouring down rain, which is rare here in California, or a blistering hot day, you can feel confident!

This venue accommodates all style of weddings from a minimalist look to a grand and extravagant affair. Just imagine a warm romantic indoor ceremony or brilliant outdoor affair in their beautiful garden. Which do you envision?

I have been blessed to photograph weddings on 3 separate occasions at Ruby Hill. Each time has been beautiful. It’s a piece of Tuscany right here in California. It’s a destination style wedding without the 11 hour plane! I am partial to romantic wineries with a Tuscan look, hence Ruby Hill is at the top of my list for Livermore wedding venues.

2. Murrieta’s Well

Another Livermore wedding venue that has vineyards  surrounding it, is the beautiful Murrieta’s Well. Visiting the website, you may not even know that they host weddings, but they absolutely do for smaller events (guest’s count under 100 usually).  Your wedding can also take place either inside their main barrel room, or outside with beautiful views of the gorgeous wineries.

This venue is one of Livermore’s best kept secret and is a wonderful alternative to the wine country in Napa and Sonoma counties which have significant upcharges due to their popularity.

My cousin was married here and has been happily married for 10 years now:)

3. The Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort and Spa

If you’re ready for a full weekend of wedding festivities this is definitely the place for you! The Purple Orchard has 3 different locations for your outdoor wedding ceremony plus luxurious lodging and a spa to help your guest relax, wind down and truly enjoy the day!

The only reason this is #3 on my list is because I haven’t had the pleasure of photographing at this particular location. Situated as it is in Livermore’s valley lends itself to some of the most beautiful views and golden hour moments for your dream wedding.

Wine beautiful vineyards, lush gardens, and dreamy fountains, this is a dream luxury wedding venue!

4. Ellison Vineyards

Livermore Wedding Venues


Blink and you might miss this hidden treasure in Livermore’s Wine Country. This cottage style venue is situated under the lush trees of Sunol just off of Hwy 84. Their getting ready rooms are so sweet and have a vintage feel that warms the soul. With the ceremony site set under a gazebo and near a sweet pond, this location lends itself well to a more imitate gathering of your closest family and friends.

Although a small venue, it has charm, vineyards and a lovely team ready to attend your needs.

5. Weddings at Ruby Hill

Weddings at Ruby Hill, not to be confused with Casa Real at Ruby Hills, is a beautiful country club. They have a high luxury staircase that leads to their spacious reception area, that has a light and airy feel. Although it may not have a vineyard on site, you can see the plethora of surround vineyards in Livermore Wine Country.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor location that surrounds in the couple and guests with a Wisteria framed pillars, or an indoor marble accented look, you’ve found an amazing option. From their large Oak trees, to their golf course, to their luxurious buildings and grounds, this venue won’t disappoint.

Can you tell the difference between Livermore Wine Country or Napa/Sonoma Wine Country? If not then, I’ll tell you…Napa and Sonoma are just a bit harder to get to, and usually more expensive.

Will you have many guests flying in? Then you’re in luck! Livermore is situated within an hour of 3 international airports, which is definitely a plus!

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