6 Months Milestone

On a brilliant day, the first day of June, I saw for the first time, sweet little Natalia sit up all by herself. She placed her small soft hand on her chubby little legĀ for support as she looked at me with that same inquisitive look she gives me each month I stop by to do her portraits. Today was different though…today I caught glimpses of her personality that I had never seen before. She is already her own strong person, oh if she could talk I wonder what she would say? Each month I see her, there is a new aspect of her personality and sweetness, it is just one of the many perks of doing these monthly milestone sessions.

When my niece Bella, who just turned 6 was born, it was the first time I realized how fast that first year of a child’s life goes. Being the eldest of 4 by a minimum of 7 years older, I had the opportunity to watch 3 of my siblings go from babies to toddlers to rambunctious kids, but being the age I was, time seemed to go so slowly and appreciation for the little moments hadn’t fully taken hold. From the first moment I held baby Bella in my arms, time just seemed to fly by. I thank the lord every day that I had been laid off not 3 weeks before because it afforded me the priceless opportunity to spend time with her every week and see all the new discovers she made.

Although I may not be afforded the same opportunity to watch Natalia grow, I am blessed to see the monthly changes and develop a special bond that I don’t often get with my clients. At best I see most clients once or twice a year, but show up monthly and watched them grow….well that is just a gift that keeps on giving. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months brings!



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