Celebrating the Beauty of Women at all Ages

Her white and silver hair glistened in the waning sun of a warm Easter Sunday. She was dressed in a white and gold gown, one I fell in love with many moons ago and bought for my Senior prom. As we walked along the winding path that meandered it’s way along the marina, people stopped to stare and give their compliments. It had been years since she had received this kind of positive attention, and her energy level increased with each kind word. I could feel her confidence level rise and expand as if it were filling the space around her. As I guided her gently into different poses, I could feel the positive vibrations this experience was creating for her and I knew this is what I want to do for all women everywhere, and of all ages.

Kim is a mother of two who raises them almost entirely by herself. She has sacrificed everything for her children, one of whom has just graduated with honors and his on her way to becoming a neurobiologist…clearly she is doing something right! Her son is inquisitive and smart, with interests in so many fields that the sky is the limit. At only 14 he has just begun his journey into a strong and intelligent man…one that may run the country one day, lol…you never know:) As her kids become more independent, it is time to focus more on herself and finding all the happiness this universe has to offer.
The gift I receive from doing, not just this session, but all my Warrior Women’s sessions, is the gratitude from my clients. Hearing their confident words and feeling their radiance grow, fills me with such joy Women often worry about giving love to others, but one can’t truly love others until they find the love within themselves. Whitney Houston said it best in one of my favorite songs, “The Greatest Love of All”. This is so much easier said then done, however it all starts with the small steps. Taking time to pamper yourself…take a luxurious bath, get a pedicure, indulge in a massage…and of course schedule a Warrior Women’s Shoot:) Dress up like a princess, or like a real-life warrior, just step out of your comfort zone, your day to day norm and spoil yourself. Kim did, and she felt absolutely amazing afterwards. She just loves taking out her phone and showing these images of herself. I am so thrilled to have helped her find her inner warrior.



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