When a Princess met her Police Officer

It was a beautiful day in Downtown Sacramento, stoic and strong, her fiance, like almost all men, was not thrilled to be doing their engagement and announcement session, but slowly yet surely I began to thaw out his cool exterior. Having so many law enforcement members of my family, I can say with absolute certainty that most are sweet and kind-hearted, willing to help at a moments notice. It is this sweet and good side that is showcased in these sweet engagement photos.

Old downtown Sacramento has so many gems that are perfect for portrait sessions. Chosen by Sandy’s fiance, I couldn’t have been more thrilled with all the fun backdrops. The first was a white barn door. Removed from the beat and path this location was a great spot to get them warmed up. I just loved the bright background in contrast to her bright dress. After only a few shots, I looked around and was distracted by the old steam engines right down the way. Like a giddy child I eagerly asked my clients if posing in truly historic Sacramento would be of interest, being a man, her fiance was all to complying. Immersed in history this one-hour engagement session quickly passed us by.
Good sports as they were, we extended the session and walked across the old tower bridge and posed for some sweet intimate shots…not in the middle of the street, like a few fellow photographers attempted…only to be yelled at by local PD. As we walked off the bridge and down to the park that flanked the Sacramento River I noticed the beautiful roses that were illuminated by the setting sun. It was that dreamy golden hour light that we as photographers just love. As the sun set, I lead them to the water’s edge and captured both their love and the sweet historic backdrop behind. It was just wonderful imagery when the past meets the future. And someday sweet little baby that is nestled in Sandy’s belly will love to flip through these old images with pleasure. I can’t wait to take Sandy’s maternity photos in just a few short months. It’s amazing how fast time flies by!



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