A Kentucky Derby Wedding

On a somewhat cloudy day in May, Cinco de Mayo to be exact, I arrived at a quaint little lighthouse in the city of Vallejo. Nestled in one of the many beautiful marina’s of this once Navy town, this lighthouse is the perfect location for a small to medium size wedding. Aside from this wedding being on Cinco de Mayo, it was also themed….Kentucky Derby-themed. The tables were covered with striped linen table clothes with each of the numbers of the horses.

The entire wedding was full of animals, from the releasing of the dove’s at the end of the ceremony, to the horse race that stole the show during the cocktail hour to the donkey that made it’s appearance later in the evening…yes I did say a donkey. Every bride wants their day to be unique and special, a day that stands out of the thousands of other weddings happening on that same day, I think Taylor may have accomplished just that!
What I found so refreshing about this wedding, is that the couple was not Latino by any means, but they truly embraced all the fun traditions. She even had Mexican pastries to share for everyone. As a late night treat during the dancing portion of this amazing evening, Taylor ordered a taco truck to come and make scrumptious amazing treats for all the guests. I can promise that no one that had the pleasure of attending this celebration of love will ever forget this night. As a wedding photographer, I have soon so many weddings, many of which fade into my memory banks. I of course always remember my clients, but their wedding celebrations sometimes get blurred, I can guarantee that this wedding will never be confused with any other. I am so thankful to Taylor for allowing me to be apart of her special day!



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