Lookout Broadway! Jack is on his Way!

As teenager I was what you would call, 90’s heartthrob obsessed. I started this little obsession with Jonathan Brandis and moved on to include Devon Sawa, JTT, Backstreet Boys, Hansen, Leonardo DiCaprio and David Boreanaz just to name a few. As you can imagine, I obtained quite a large collection of Tiger Beat’s, 16, Bop and numerous other magazines so that I could grab all those amazing head-shots of my favorite stars. Little did I know that my obsession into these shots would transcend the decades and be ever so useful in my booming photography career.

It is a testament to Jack’s acting ability that I couldn’t help but giggle as I had him go through about 20 different characters snapping away happily. There are images that look almost exactly like the pin-ups that I had on my wall as a teenage girl. It felt almost surreal to be photographing an up and coming star.

His natural ability was apparent in every character he portrayed. If I didn’t know better I would have thought I was doing a magazine cover shoot. He moved through the different emotions of his characters with complete ease. Taking directions smoothly and effortlessly. It was truly a dream photograph this talented 16 year old. I can only imagine the future he has ahead of him! I will not be surprised if years from know, these images find there way into the classic “Then and Now” slides that often make there way into such icon shows such as “The Actors Studio”.

It will be payment enough to see this young man grow into the professional actor, knowing that these head-shot images could be the very thing that helps land him that all allusive audition. Once he nails those auditions I have no doubt he will land the roles he covets.

Does anyone else think he would have made a perfect Ron Weasley? Jack also reminds me a great deal of a younger version of my dad, who himself played a part in the icon and classic western “Gunsmoke”. Jack Swartz is a name to remember, mark my words!

Check out a few of my favorites below:



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