Liam’s Cake Smash…or Not?

I can’t believe it has been a year already! This time last year I was just booking my first paying family client, which happened to by Liam’s mommy Emmy. Even at only a couple weeks old, Liam was already is own little man, and a year later the same can be said. He is a calm cool and collected little dude. So much like my own little niece, Liam DOES NOT like to get dirty. As he sat calmly looking up at me, his mom, dad, and aunt, you could see the curiosity in his eyes. What was it we wanted him to do? We couldn’t possibly want him to touch the sugary, sticky cake?

After much coaxing by his mama and a little patience, he finally realized that this sticky frosting tasted delicious! Once the new and unfamiliar taste of sugar sunk in, he had such a blast. He spent the next 10-15 minutes going at the cake with such curiosity. I just love watching children discover new things, and the joy of eating cake is just one of millions of discovers he will make in his life.
Although I am not a mom yet, it is still so amazing watching my little clients grow up so fast. It feels like just a minute ago I was taking their newborn photos…I blink and they are turning 1, and I blink again and swear they will be graduating, lol. This past year of my blooming family photography business has gone by so fast. I find it so wonderfully ironic, that Liam was my first newborn shoot under my photography business and he was also my first cake smash! A wonderful success on both occasions I do believe. This is such an amazingly fulfilling career that I chose to embark on, and I am thankful every day!



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