Celebrating Special Graduate Cameryn

It was a beautiful spring evening at Round Valley Regional Park in Brentwood. The trees and hills were alive with lusciously green leaves and grass. Cameryn, a senior in high-school, started the session in a gorgeous flowing spring dress. The soft cream and pink were amazing against the backdrop of the hills and farmland of the park. Cameryn was such a champ, walking through the 2 feet tall grass to an open area near an old fence. As we set up to take the first few shots, an adorable wild bunny hopped through this picturesque scene. Just one of the many perks of photographing in California’s Regional Parks. One of the many things I love about living in the East Bay, is the fact there is farmland and beautiful countrysides just a stone through away at all times.

Cameryn was so much fun, she had no problems with sitting in the overgrown grass, with all the lovely little bugs that live there. Mind you I made sure to lay down a soft blanket. She was such a natural and incredibly good natured!

Racing the sun is always the fun part of my 2-hour senior session, and with 2-3 outfit changes, it can get tricky, but that’s why I create a little privacy tent to allow for a quick change on location. Her next sweet dress brought the inner country in this successful suburban girl. I just love the completely different looks that a simple outfit change can create.

After our country vibe photos, we walked to the cement bridge to create a fun and unique grunge look. Changing quickly into a casual and youthful 3rd outfit. We took advantage of the meeting of the grudge and nature co-existing as one. I don’t often use modern structures to create a dynamic backdrop, but that may just need to change. As the sun began to set we navigated our way back up to the entrance of the park. The view of hills and vineyards bathed in the golden light of the sun creates the most illuminating glow. This was an amazingly successful senior session and can’t wait to photograph dear Cameryn again once her cap and gown comes in. I look forward to photographing many more senior style sessions in the near future. Congratulations to Cameryn and her amazing career choice. Helping others is such an admirable profession.



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