Shanice and Michael, High-school Sweethearts

Her heart pounded as she slowly walked up the stairs to see her future husband for the first time on this, their wedding day. As she touched his shoulder, her smile couldn’t be brighter, and he was itching to see his beautiful blushing bride. As he turned, he broke out in tears, at the site of his exquisite angel, in a heavenly soft pink tulle dress. In all my 40 weddings, I have never seen a groom react with such pure and raw emotion, it was truly a wondrous moment.

The love that they share, is so young and pure, yet mature enough to stand the test of time. As they finally separated from their intimate embrace, I led the young bride down the stairs for one of my favorite parts of wedding photography, the formals and romance photos, second only to adorable candids.

It was one of the few raining days that we’ve had this winter, so we decided to use the beautiful facilities at the hotel Biltmore in Santa Clara. With 7 groomsmen and  7 bridesmaids, it was a fun and excited party to be sure. It was truly a fun and unique experience, and I am thrilled to have been able to finish all the images before the wedding even started. The bride and groom were able to take a few minutes to themselves before their vows and embrace the magnitude of the day together. This was a prime example as why first looks are such a great idea, for both traditional and non-traditional couples alike.
As Shanice walked down the aisle, the look on Michaels face, was that of shear disbelief that he had the privilege of marrying this beauty. The first look, seemed only to enhance the ceremony. As the officiant Steve, led them through their vows, in the most amusing and inventive manner, I was inspired by not just the words these two exchanged, but the emotions that overflowed from them. I was thrilled to capture the first images of them as husband and wife, these two truly are a symbol of the ‘happily ever after’ that every woman dreams of, and every man secretly covets.



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