Fiesta-Nueva Celebration at the Rose Garden

The Rose Gardens at Heather Farms, is one of my favorite places to shoot, especially in the spring and summer. The roses are everyone you look, not to mention a plethora of flowers, trees, plants and yes even little animals. The first time I ever shot a wedding as the primary photographer was The Rose Gardens at Heather Farms, so it holds a special place in my heart.
Last month I was given the opportunity to donate my time to a beautiful fiesta they held to celebrate Latino heritage, dance, food and music. From the wonderful food donated by “A Loveable Feast”, to the live band, to the authentic tango dancers, it was a such a fun intimate event.
As I wondered around taking photos of the garden, I noticed many couples leisurely walking or sitting around the garden. There are just so many little spaces to steal away for a kiss or just a moment of solitude. Even with all the hustle and bustle of music going on at the main terrace level, there were still tranquil locations in the garden to hide away, great for those that suffer from social anxieties, but still like to get out and experience life!
From an ethnic celebration to family portraits to a beautiful venue on a wedding day, The Rose Gardens at Heather Farms, is one of my favorite locations, and it’s a none profit to boot! All proceeds go towards maintaining the gardens and teaching youth all about cultivating new plant life. It really is an amazing organization.
Just a little tip, the most beautiful time of year is right at the beginning of April with all the Cherry blossoms are in bloom. Taking wedding day photos as the soft pink petals fall on a newlywed couple is absolutely romantic!
Heather Farms as a whole is such a gem in the heart of Walnut Creek.



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