Introducing Baby Boy Aiden!

As I walk into my client’s house and I hear the delicate cry of a newborn, my heart swells. Their sweet cry is never as innocent and precious as it is in those first few weeks. Aiden awoke within 15 minutes of my arrival, as is often the case with newborns, almost as if the baby can sense a disturbance in the force, lol. Honestly, I prefer baby to be awake during the first half of the session. Aiden ate and played with his mom and dad. Those amazing and precious lifestyle images are absolutely amazing when baby is wide awake and Aiden did not disappoint…


The expressions of a newborn are so inquisitive, curious and absolutely genuine. Aiden’s sweet and budding personality is right there in his eyes, in his furrowed brows and adorable smirks. These awake moments are glimpses into the man he will someday become and that is truly priceless.

After mom and dad both had their moment to adore their sweet son, it was time to put baby to sleep, always a tentative process. I find that keeping your normal routine is the best way to make baby feel comfortable enough to drift off into a deep sleep so I can pose them into those iconic newborn images:)

Cozy and warm Baby Boy Aiden nestled into my huge pillow as I slowly posed him into some of my favorite images below. Sweet Aiden even stayed asleep when I took off his diaper and did what babies do when they are suddenly completely naked:) These bare bummed photos are parents favorites…great for bringing out to show future girlfriends or other friends just to sweetly pay them back for all those sleepless nights you gladly went through in those first few months. As a girl I can tell you that I loved seeing the baby pictures of my significant others in the past, it made me like them even more, so look out Aiden, these sweet baby pics will just make your future girlfriends swoon:) I am so very thankful to have been apart of these first days of Baby Aiden’s life!



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