Baby Girl Alexis is Here! San Jose Newborn!

5 days old and so incredibly new and precious, perfect in every way! Two newborns in one day…I am a blessed person, doubly so in that, I got to drive down to my old neck of the woods in South San Jose, just a few miles from my old middle school, Martin Murphy, home of the Mustangs!

The first thing I noticed as I drove up to the last session of my very long weekend, is that the house and yard were absolutely perfect and a photographers dream! As I entered the house, I was met with an absolute perfect pallet of colors, matched only by the sweetest family of 4…could it get any better?

Sweet Alexis is so loved and has an amazing big brother to watch over her. So often little boys aren’t too keen to pose with their baby sisters, but after just a wee bit of coaxing he cuddled up with his little sis and she even ventured a smile at him…I know they say it’s gas, but I’ve seen so many babies smile that I think there may be something more there than just a clinical explanation.

After our long lifestyle session in the warm summer air of July, baby Alexis quickly fell asleep. I just fell in love with the grey backdrop against her porcelain skin. She is such an expressive baby, I could almost see the little dreams of sugarplum fairies dancing in the clouds of her subconscious. I do so wish that newborn photography was a genre when I was born, these first few days of life never cease to amaze me, and each newborn baby I photograph is unique and special. Alexis’s newborn session was definitely worth the trek down to San Jose. Years from now, I hope that Alexis can look at these photographs with a smile. I know that I treasure my own 9-month-old portrait. It reminds me that we all come from love and warmth and that not matter lives ups and downs, I….we, have that newborn innocence still deep down in the subconscious memories of mind.



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