Baby Boy Grayson is Here!

Sweet and strong Grayson joined us on this beautiful world, July 21st, 2018, curious and eager to start living. Just 7 days later I was blessed to be invited to his home in Alameda. Settling into this warm and inviting home with mom, dad, & grandma doting over baby boy Grayson, I soon noticed how awake, aware and strong this little man is. He held his head up off the blanket to take a look around at his world. Amazed as I was, having NEVER seen this before, this was not new to mom and day who had pride exuding from them as they shared the doctors surprise that baby boy Grayson did this exact same thing on his birthday…only hours old!

When I think of the name Grayson, I think of a strong, calm, confident man that woman love and men admire. His dad may be right on point by hashtaging #2034summerolympicstraining at only 17 days old. I wonder if Michael Phelps dad had the same inkling during his first few weeks? Grayson was so tolerant as I glided through the lifestyle portion of the session with mom, dad, and grandma. Wanting to be surprised, a baby boy was a surprise to them, so the room was full of the ever popular and calming grey tones…I absolutely adored shooting in their nursery. You’ll notice a sweet plush elephant peeking out in the background of some of the images.

After almost an hour of being moved posed and adored baby boy was exhausted and ready to be lulled into a deep sleep. Within 5 minutes he was out and then the real fun began, lol. His naked little body moved and stretched as I coaxed him to precious poses that mom and dad will treasure forever….and show future girlfriends in pride:) The best part of the almost 4-hour session is that all blanket and props remained unsoiled…little man is so strong! I couldn’t help fall in love with this sweet boy! Everyone whose life he touches will be truly blessed!



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