Zane the Man….or Dog:)


Little Zane had a rough start to his sweet little life. He spent the first month of his life getting nice and strong in the hospital, outshining all the rest I am sure! Such a sweet disposition, even-tempered, and my willing little subject for almost 4 hours. Zane awoke not long after I walked in and I enjoyed seeing his little personality. His sister Jasmine, only 3 years old, is so full of life and ran circles around all of us. As many know having a very active 3 year old and newborn can be a bit of a challenge. I often wish I still had the energy of my 3-year-old self.  Excited to be a big sister, Princess Jasmine spent much time reaching to touch her little brother, much to mama’s dismay…toddlers don’t often understand the meaning of gentle, lol.

Between bouncing on her bed and showing me all of her little-stuffed animals, I managed to snatch such a sweet sibling photo that will be cherished for years to come. Mom may just need to pull it out and remind them of that moment during one of their inevitable sibling fights. A sibling love is one like no other, and having 4 myself, I truly appreciate these moments!

Newborn sessions are full of all sorts of real-life moments that often aren’t caught on camera, crying babies, rambunctious toddlers and of course the soiling of photography props.  This is the magic that makes newborn sessions so special. What I capture is the love that emanates at all times, no matter how tired, hungry or cranky the little ones…heck the parents can be. This time is so fleeting, so precious, that even if baby were to cry and stay awake most of the session, the images captured are still worth it. Lucky for me this was a nice and smooth session, and baby Zane modeled all my little outfits like a true pro!

My first newborn has already turned 1 and before I know it, it will be Zane….time flys when I’m doing what I love. Happy Birthday, Zane!



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