Story Time Princess Theme Session

On a warm summer day in the middle of a quaint town in the kingdom of Northern California, 9 beautiful strong princesses and queens gathered in a lusciously green park. In this land, the summers often came with a brown/golden hue, but this oasis in its mist was the perfect place for their little gathering. A gathering that would be their last for many moons to come. As they glided along the pathway their subjects ran up to them begging for their attention. The princesses were kind and generous so they obliged their young subjects. One, towards the end of the evening, begged her father to stop as they rode by from afar. As the wanned the princesses time together came to an end, but there will be another day, another story, another princess.

As a child, I grew up on Princess Aurora, Belle, Ariel, and of course, Jasmin…those were my favorites! I have a week spot for anything Disney related or inspired by Disney. As these talented women drove up dawned in their elaborate gowns I couldn’t help but get a little giddy! I spent a whole day walking around getting photographs with all the characters at Disneyland…so you can only imagine the joy of being able to photograph this lovely themed session. Having my head stuff in books most of my childhood, I love themed parties, events, and of course photography and if it is royal…even better!

Storytime Princesses is an amazing way to create the perfect themed fundraiser, event or birthday party. Just imagine surprising your sweet little girl with a visit from her favorite princess! I know that I would just be thrilled with such a gift…no need for anything else…except maybe a photographer to capture the moments.

Look for my upcoming themed mini-session…one or two of these sweet princesses may make it into my fall events! Until next time!









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