DIY Spring Photos-My Secrets Revealed

Take Your Own Spring Photos Right at Home!!
If you don’t have kids, these are amazing tips for all your life’s’ adventures!

Spring Photos

I know we are all stuck at home during this beautiful month of April, so I thought I’d share some fun tips on how to take your child’s spring photos from the comfort of your home or nearby open space.

Please feel free to forward to someone you know who has kiddos:)

Make it fun!

The most important part of getting good photos, isn’t the camera you have, or the outfit you picked, it’s not even the lighting….it’s the expression on your face! Kids, especially under the age of 5, like to do their own thing. Trying to force them to smile, isn’t going to work! Make it a game! Set up a favorite toy or object that they like to climb on and put something enticing on it like candy, or a toy or something they like. Maybe have them dress up in their favorite dress-up costume! And make sure to get candids!

Be Ridiculous!

Appoint one person to the camera or phone, and have another stand right behind the camera and do the most ridiculous things!
-Play peek-a-boo
-Make weird animal noises
-Do what ONLY YOU know how to do to get them to laugh:)

Play their favorite theme song from a show! This works great when they are having a miniature breakdown!

Be patience, and NEVER say smile for me/camera/mama/dada…trust me they like to do just the opposite.

If you have a 3rd person you can have them run in and tickle them, then run out


Right behind the expression of the child, lighting is the most important part of taking great photos!

Do you mind if I share a few of my secrets?

1) Try and take the photos in the evening, when the sun is lower. In California that would be around 5:30 or 6.

2) Take the photos in open shade. What is open shade? It is shade that is cast by a tall tree or structure, but isn’t something you have to stand under. Backyards have tons of open shade. Try not to stand right under a dark tree, but make sure your whole face/body isn’t in directly sun.

3) If you are using your phone, this one is super important! Have them face the light. Phones make the person really dark if there is light behind them, so make sure the light is in front of them.

4) Cloudy skies are your best friend!!! So many people hate taking photos with cloudy skies, but it is the best diffuser in the world!! Of course if they are dark storm clouds take it inside and make sure the light source (lamp, skylight,etc) fills their face with a soft light.

Do you have someone you trust?

Do you have a family member, friend, or photographer you use that you trust to use social distancing practices to take photos in your backyard? If you opt to have someone else take the photos during this time here are a few guidelines to follow for your safety.

1) Don’t let them into your house, have them stay in the yard.
2) Make them wear a face mask or have a long lens that keeps them 10 feet away.
3) You are the ONLY ones to touch your child! No contact at all with the photographer.
4) Don’t broadcast it. Everyone has different opinions of this subject, so make the right decision for you and your family!

Spring Photos

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