What’s Your Wedding Photography Style?

Wedding Style


Wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding! After all, once the guests have all gone, the decorations and flowers have been tossed and the food is eaten, what you have left are the photographs and videos. I have heard too many stories of couples who didn’t like their final images. There are a few reasons for a less than desirable final gallery.

First, you hired a newbie photographer that is just learning, which of course means lower quality images, and maybe not everything you want being caught.

Second, lack of communication and expectations from the photographer. Of course, all photographers have their normal shot list, but it is always a good idea to have an in-depth conversation with them so that you both of similar expectations. There are times, the brides has a 100 plus image wish list off of Pinterest. It is important for the photographer to have her pick the top 10 they want most. Realistically, that is the most that we can accommodate in the hustle and bustle of the day.

Third, you hired a photographer whose style doesn’t quite match yours. It is so important to know your wedding photography style. Every photographer has their own style. Some, like myself, have a style for weddings and a different style for portraits. My weddings tend to by light and natural. A mesh between light and airy and true to life natural wedding photography style.

There are at least 4 uniquely different photography styles that are popular right now! Of course, every photographer has a unique style but this is a great place to start!!

Moody/Dramatic – This is a popular style right now. It emphasizes the shadows and has very high contrast. If your wedding colors are dark and bold, this might be a good look. It also looks great with a dark-themed wedding.

Light & Airy – This is another very popular one right now with luxury photographers. This works great with pastel colors and dessert weddings.

Light & Natural or Bright & Light – This style is timeless and keeps things closer to their true colors. This style won’t ever be dated. This is my wedding photography style personally…although I do love Light & Airy as well:)

Dark Film – This is this classic dark film look, that combines the dark and moody with that matte style film look. This is a style you either love or hate!

Want to find out what your style is?

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