The Most Unique Graduating Class of the 21st Century…It’s Time to Celebrate!!

Graduating Class

Graduating Class of 2020, You are One of a Kind!!

When the masks have been discarded, and the high school, stadiums, and malls are thriving with people again, this year’s Graduating Class of 2020 will still be remembered for decades to come! The class of “perfect vision” had to find new and innovative ways to make their Senior milestones epic! Thanks to all the amazing stars who volunteered to be a part of the iheart radio commencement ceremony over the weekend, and all those who are going to be apart of upcoming online ceremonies, this class serious star power behind it!! From President Obama to the top Pop Stars to, prominent CEO’s and amazing philanthropists from all over the world…you have some amazing support and love!

Of course, every years’ graduating class is important, and senior sessions are such an amazing way to celebrate one of the biggest milestones of your life, but this year….this year is something special! As restrictions start to lift, it is so exciting to be photographing seniors from this very special graduation class! I decided to put together a few great ideas to help make your session super special!

5 Tips for the Graduating Class of 2020

  • Rock out your prom dress!! Yep, that’s right, just because you didn’t get to go to your prom, doesn’t mean you should pass on this epic tradition! If you don’t have a dress, no worries…I have a dozen gowns sizes 2-14 to choose from, as do so many other amazing photographers! If you’re comfortable, bring your would-be date, this is a perfect way to really mortalize this special occasion. Of course, getting a free COVID test beforehand is a good precaution to take.


  • Find a photographer who specializes in PhotoshopWith the limited number of locations to choose from and the request to limit travel, finding the right spot can be difficult. There are so many fun ways to photoshop in a beautiful location, add in beautiful flowers, the perfect sky, and even add a few unique touches. A few of the images above where photoshopped!


  • Do a themed shoot –  I am so in love with themed shoots! Last year I photographed a dancer. There are so many innovative ways to showcase your interests. If you’re an artist, there are ways to composite beautifully unique senior photos! Or keep it simple by bringing a football, a net, pets, etc… The sky is really the limit!


  • Bring tons of props – The more the better! If you wait till you get your yearbook you can even bring that! Here are a few ideas to brainstorm from: Childhood photo, a favorite toy from your childhood, guitar, keyboard, sports balls, hockey sticks, specially made banners, flowers, hats. You get the idea.


  • Don’t worry if you don’t look perfect – Don’t cancel just because you have a few skin flaws, photoshop is a miracle worker. Any good photographer will be willing to do a few touches. Some charge a bit more for this, however, I like to include it in my price:)

BONUS TIP – Be safe. Bring masks with you, just in case and of course sanitizer. Also be mindful that public restrooms aren’t available at parks, so stop drinking water an hour before. Bring water for sips of course, we don’t want anyone to have a heat stroke of course. As a photographer, I try my best to stay 6 feet away from my clients to the best of my ability:)

In Conclusion

Class of 2020, you are special! The curveballs that have been thrown your way, and the ways that you have responded, showcase the kind of adult, the kind of leader, parent, entrepreneur, and soul you will grow into. Most teenagers don’t have to deal with this kind of epidemic. Some have to deal with war, depression, riots, or like myself a graduation year that is known for 9/11 first and the Millenium second. But this, this is the first of it’s kind, a quarantine from your friends that you’ve grown to love as you anticipated your senior year, is a challenge that will stand the test of time. The love and support that people all over the world has shown to this class, I hope will resonate with you for the rest of your life! Remember the hope, the great ways people have connected, and the innovations that have come from this epidemic. Most people at their core or good,  and just want to love, have a good life, and have happiness, remember this as who follow the hidden path that lies before you!

Congratulations Class of 2020!! You Did It!! #QUARENTINED

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This is one of my favorite times of the year! I specialize in portraits for women and a senior session is such a wonderful way to showcase your personality, and celebrate this amazing milestone in one’s life!!

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